Managing Entrepreneur Anxiety

Join Lexi Lewtan, founder and CEO of Centered, in this free mini-course on managing entrepreneur stress so you can reap many different health benefits and navigate the day-to-day challenges of running a business with a clear head.

In this course, you’ll:

  • Learn 5 deep breathing exercises to integrate into your stress management routine
  • Gain awareness of how your body handles stress
  • Discover how controlling your breath can aid anxiety and lower blood pressure
  • Engage in multiple practice sessions to try these stress management tips yourself

Managing entrepreneur anxiety mini-course outline:

Let’s face it: Being an entrepreneur is stressful. Running a small business can be a rollercoaster of ups and downs, with little time to take a beat. Anxiety is a natural response to these challenges – but healthy stress management is an essential skill for successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. It’s also key to overall health.

In this free mini-course led by Lexi, along with skilled coaches and therapists, you’ll learn stress management tactics you can use anytime during the workday to soothe your nervous system in a matter of minutes. All you’ll need is your breath.

The homework assignments after each module will give you a chance to practice these deep breathing exercises and integrate them into your daily routine so you can continue to run and grow your business, despite the mental health challenges along the way.

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Hi, I’m Lexi Lewtan, the founder and CEO of Centered, a platform that offers affordable, on-demand video techniques for managing anxiety, burnout, and more. I’m so excited to present my mini-course for handling entrepreneur anxiety, brought to you by Invoice2go, a company.

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